2013 in review

I don’t often look back in review—too busy looking ahead, I think—but I’ve got a few minutes, and this seems like a good opportunity to do it. Last year’s shoots were for a wide a range of clients and markets, and included corporate, advertising, catalog, editorial, performance, and non-profit. The NY Times joined my client […]

Street Photography: an alternative approach

I have always done a lot of street photography, starting in my late teens and continuing on to the present. My earliest photographic hero was (of course) Henri Cartier-Bresson, and he remains one of my photo heroes. I’ve shot in the streets with a Contax rangefinder, a Nikon F, Leica M-4 and M-6, a Mamiya […]

And now for something completely different …

I have always done a lot of street photography. I’m drawn to people, to crowds, to cities. Most of my street photography, like most of my professional photography, is of people. But even when people aren’t physically there, there is often the stuff that people have left behind, built or discarded. And this stuff and […]

Be Here Now

I was at MoMA last week, to see Abstract Expressionism New York before the show closed. I enjoyed the show, which was remarkable not least because most of the works shown were created within a few blocks of the Museum, and because so many of them wound up in the Museum. As I went through […]

Valentine’s Day at Fashion Week 2011

One of my favorite things to do in New York is to stop by Fashion Week to see what the attendees and passers-by are wearing. Today, fueled by an article in Overflow Magazine by Brooklyn blogger Erica Reitman, in which she takes inhabitants of Park Slope to task for dressing like slobs, I was particularly […]

Walking-around cameras

I’m a photographer by vocation and avocation, and if I don’t have a camera with with I feel like I’ve left home without my driver’s license: not just vulnerable but somehow under-dressed and unprepared. I mentioned in an earlier post that my all-time favorite walking-around camera was a Leica M-6 with a 35mm Summicron. Unobtrusive, […]

I shot some angels—am I going to go to hell?

Victoria’s Secret opened it’s first Toronto store on 28 October, and on the 27th, for a promotional boost, the company took over Yonge-Dundas Square (for those of us south of the border: think Times Square) and, in an outdoor studio with a fake red carpet runway background set up beside a huge promotional tent, held […]

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