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What about COVID-19? I’m concerned about safety.

Me too. COVID-19 restrictions have been eased, and I’m back at work, and taking recommended precautions regarding social distancing, masks, and sanitation. I also have a COVID-19 safety waiver that everyone on set is required to complete and sign—I’m taking this seriously. Because I can shoot tethered, and images can be viewed remotely in real-time, and because I work alone or with one assistant/digital tech if necessary, it’s possible to reduce the number of people present at a shoot.

What are your rates?

My fees are determined by the specific project, and depend on time, production values, expenses, and usage. I’m happy to give rough estimates within a range, and, if that’s acceptable, detailed estimates once I have more specifics. I like to provide no-surprises estimates, so my clients know exactly what they’ll be getting and what it will cost.

Where is your studio?

I’m based in New York City, and most of my work is in the New York City tri-state area. I don’t keep a full studio because much of my work is shot on location, because specific studio needs vary depending on the project, and because there are a plethora of studios with a range of capabilities available for rent by the day.

Do you work outside NYC?

Yes, I do—my passport is valid, and I’m happy to travel anywhere. I’m originally from New England and go there frequently, so if you have a project in New England, especially in southeastern Massachusetts, in Rhode Island, or in coastal Maine, there’s a good chance you can save some travel or lodging expenses.

Can I use the photos you take for me any way I want?

Yes, within the limits determined at the outset of the project, or by mutual agreement later. I generally offer wide terms of use, with the major additional expense being for paid advertising. (If you’re using a photo for a full-page ad in a national magazine, for example, you will pay more for the privilege.)

Do you have images for sale as stock photography?

I do, and you can find images for personal use, including prints, and for editorial use as well, on my archive site here. If you want to use any for advertising, it would be best to check with me first for release information—not all of my images have commercial releases.

How long have you been in business?

I’ve been photographing since I was a teenager, and started as a full-time professional in 2007, after taking some master-class workshops at the Maine Media Workshops and the International Center of Photography to sharpen some skills.

How do you deal with photo approval?

Whenever possible, I shoot tethered to a computer so you can see the images as they’re taken. Remote live review is also possible for clients who can’t be on site.

Do you work with a crew?

I try to work as leanly and economically as is possible and reasonable for the photo session. I often work alone and use an assistant/digital tech when needed. But I am experienced working with larger crews and can call in prop, food, or wardrobe stylists, hair and makeup stylists, and other resources as needed.

Can I get all the original RAW files?

You hire a photographer for expertise, not only in creating the photo but in what the final image will look like. Very few people have the expertise or software to convert a RAW file into a finished image, and fewer still who can match a given photographer’s “look.” Photo agreements include a defined number of retouched final images, but not RAW files.

What’s the process of working with you, from the beginning to the delivery of final images?

There are three phases to photography. We start with a discovery call, to define what your needs are in terms of what you want to communicate through the images, the number of images, what they will be, and how to best approach that. We’ll agree on the cost, you will give me a deposit, and we’ll schedule a shoot. That’s the pre-production phase. We’ll gather the resources and create the photos That’s the production phase. I’ll send you proofs of the best images, and you’ll decide on the final images, after which I’ll retouch them, correcting the colors, setting black and white points, cleaning up any dust spots, retouching skin, and the like. Then you’ll pay the balance of the invoice and I’ll deliver the images. That’s the post-production phase.

Do you shoot video?

I do basic video production on my own—interviews, and the like. For more complex video production I have a few trusted and experienced production companies I work with and together we can produce a video of any complexity.

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