Not just another New York photographer

Most photographs in the commercial, advertising, corporate, non-profit, editorial and entertainment sectors are created to solve problems. Problems like

  • How do I attract attention to my product or service?
  • How do I inspire employees to have a bigger stake in our company’s culture?
  • How do we share our nonprofit’s passion for our mission with current and potential donors?
  • How do we profile this financial advisor as the dynamic and effective advisor she is?
  • How can we engage fans to pack this singer’s next five shows?

To solve these problems, we—you, your thought leaders, your art department and I—can

  • Establish the goals of the photography
  • Plan what your photos should look like
  • Produce the photos you need within your budget

Your plain office, your dark and cramped wine cellar, a stage with variable and unflattering lighting will be transformed—and so will your marketing.

What am I like to work with? I’m trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, thrifty, brave, clean, and irreverent. (And yes I was once a Boy Scout, and remember what I learned there.)

The first step to becoming a satisfied client is to get in touch.

Try me for photography for:

Website Content
Social Media Campaigns
Corporate Communications
Executive Portraits
Compelling Headshots
CD and DVD Packaging
Editorial Marketing
Events—Corporate and Non-Profit
Catalogs and Look Books
Annual Reports

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