What does a photographer see?

A Photographer’s Eye A baby doll appears to be climbing up a crack in a sidewalk When my wife and I are out for a walk, she’ll suddenly notice, mid-conversation, that I’m no longer there. I don’t mean not paying attention (that’s another story), but physically not there—I’ve been distracted by a possible photograph. While […]

Still photography & videography & social media & …

Doing it all simultaneously When I was a teenager, maybe relaxing and reading a book on a weekend morning, my dad would often say, “While you’re resting, go mow the lawn.” The phrase “While you’re resting  …” was big with him. He was well aware that I couldn’t simultaneously rest and mow the lawn or […]

Photography for startups. Part 1 of 3

Branding Starting or growing a business? Marketing strategist Daniel DiGriz at Madpipe suggests that your photography should have three purposes. Wait a minute! Was that “three purposes?” Not “three types of photos?” Yes, purposes: a startup has three goals that its images and other marketing efforts must meet. If your images aren’t doing anything, if […]

The story behind an image

I thought I’d share the story behind “A Baker and his Oven,” the image I chose in my print giveaway for my fine art print site. The story is interesting in itself, but it’s also helpful in understanding how photographers—at least this photographer—approaches photography and is helpful to anyone looking at photography and thinking about […]

A pop-up Supper Club in Jackson Heights

I like food, and I like to spend time with interesting, active, and passionate people, so when the opportunity came to photograph Beta, a pop-up supper club run by three chefs who worked for Jean-Georges Vongerichten in the Jackson Heights neighborhood of Queens, I jumped at the chance. (Apart from being a photographer, I’m also […]

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