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111 Places in Brooklyn That You Must Not Miss

I’m excited to have photographed John Major’s 111 Places in Brooklyn That You Must Not Miss, a guidebook to Brooklyn that is unlike any NY guide you’ve seen before.

111 Places in Brooklyn includes things you probably ever thought of. A school for fire-jugglers. A bar and wax museum in one. A kosher pizza and wine bar. A radio station in a shipping container. A music venue on a former sawdust factory. A distillery that uses New York grains. A tiny park you can leap over with a single bound. The church where Al Capone got married. Middle-eastern markets. 111 Places in Brooklyn has something for everybody, from kids to jaded adults, from quiet places of contemplation to raucous burlesque venues.

Get it from your local bookseller, or from Amazon or your favorite online store.

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