The story behind an image

I thought I’d share the story behind “A Baker and his Oven,” the image I chose in my print giveaway for my fine art print site. The story is interesting in itself, but it’s also helpful in understanding how photographers—at least this photographer—approaches photography and is helpful to anyone looking at photography and thinking about […]

A pop-up Supper Club in Jackson Heights

I like food, and I like to spend time with interesting, active, and passionate people, so when the opportunity came to photograph Beta, a pop-up supper club run by three chefs who worked for Jean-Georges Vongerichten in the Jackson Heights neighborhood of Queens, I jumped at the chance. (Apart from being a photographer, I’m also […]

Animal Medical Center Capital Campaign

I’ve been photographing for New York’s Animal Medical Center lately: an image library for a forthcoming website, and, as part of the project, some images for their new capital campaign. The AMC is modernizing and expanding (New Yorkers love their pets) and the AMC—founded in 1910– needs to keep up with demand. The project fits […]

Zoltar said we should move our website

So we’ve moved and updated our website. Again. The web being what it is—in flux continually—we’ve made some updates and improvements. First, to the platform. We’re now on a WordPress platform, which gives us the option to include a lot more text. I know, I know, this is a photography website, and it’s all about […]

Where are my photos? 2: More basics of image management

For Part 1 of this post, go here. Handles for your photos: metadata Photo library management programs Adding metadata you need Back up! If you’re filing in a structured file system, system, but the system isn’t giving you all the options you need, there’s a better way. There are digital asset management programs, they work, […]

Where are my photos? 1: Basics of image management for the non-photographer

Whether you do marketing for your company, handle social media for clients, or are a web designer, you need to be able to find images. I get calls and emails from clients that go something like this: We can’t find the photos you took for the XYZ Project and we need another copy of the […]

Marketing trends for 2015 and how they apply to your visual branding

What’s a photographer doing writing about marketing trends? Simple: I shoot for clients who are marketing to consumers, to other businesses, and within their own corporations, and I want to help any way I can, not just by providing great images, but by providing the right great images. So I want to tie a recent […]

Highlights from 2014’s photo assignments

  I sometimes lose track of the range of assignments I get, and 2014 included a range I hadn’t paid much attention to until I looked through my shoot catalog for the year. Advertising Corporate Editorial Performances Non-profit Advertising The year kicked off with studio catalog shoots for Trellis Fine Florals at NoHo Productions. I […]

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