Marketing trends for 2015 and how they apply to your visual branding

What’s a photographer doing writing about marketing trends? Simple: I shoot for clients who are marketing to consumers, to other businesses, and within their own corporations, and I want to help any way I can, not just by providing great images, but by providing the right great images. So I want to tie a recent […]

Highlights from 2014’s photo assignments

  I sometimes lose track of the range of assignments I get, and 2014 included a range I hadn’t paid much attention to until I looked through my shoot catalog for the year. Advertising Corporate Editorial Performances Non-profit Advertising The year kicked off with studio catalog shoots for Trellis Fine Florals at NoHo Productions. I […]

5 ways to save money on photography

Many business services can get expensive, and photography is one of them. Here are five ways to save some money without compromising the results. Plan ahead Know your market Use resources wisely Choose the right photographer Avoid false economies Let me break these down. Plan ahead—way ahead If you don’t know where you’re going, how […]

How to buy photography for your business for the first time

Part 3 of 3: How do I find the right photographer, and what’s this going to cost? If you missed the earlier posts on this subject, they seem to have disappeared from my website when we moved to a new server. I’m looking … How do I find the best photographer for my project?   […]

2013 in review

I don’t often look back in review—too busy looking ahead, I think—but I’ve got a few minutes, and this seems like a good opportunity to do it. Last year’s shoots were for a wide a range of clients and markets, and included corporate, advertising, catalog, editorial, performance, and non-profit. The NY Times joined my client […]

Fatto a mano

One of the advantages of being a photographer based in Rhode Island is having access to people who do the kind of work our great-grandparents would have understood. Nothing against knowledge workers and technology, you understand—I shoot and deliver digitally after all—but there’s something about people who make and do tangible things that appeals to […]

Creativity, chaos and getting it done

Art directors, editors, managers and, yes, photographers, all like to be in charge. Unfortunately for us all, stuff happens, chaos sometimes ensues, and our carefully laid plans are sometimes redirected by outside forces. It’s how we deal with that chaos that determines outcomes as much as does creativity and hard work. Here’s an example. A […]

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