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111 Museums in New York That You Must Not Miss

I’m excited to have photographed Wendy Lubovich’s 111 Museums in New York That You Must Not Miss, a travel guidebook to the many museums of New York City. A year in the making, this deep dive into the museum world is unlike any guide you’ve seen before.

111 Museums in New York That You Must Not Miss includes a museum devoted to locks, many timed and filigreed. You can ride a tricycle with square wheels. Plan an escape to a museum devoted to Houdini. Take the A train to see Eddie “Lockjaw” Davis’s sax. See early tattoo instruments (and get a tattoo if you want). Look at and through 40,000 sketchbooks. Check out some outsider art. And insider art. 111 Museums in New York includes museums in all 5 boroughs, from the major museums to the tiny museums founded and run by people passionate about a subject.

111 Museums “zeroes in on lesser-known locations, making the city’s smaller museums, and the quirky collections they honor, come alive.”—Jaqueine Cutler, The New York Daily News.

Get it from your local bookshop, or order from Amazon or your favorite online bookseller.

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