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A staff member and an affectionate dog, for the Animal Medical Center
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Mission-supporting documentary and marketing photographer for nonprofits, cause-aligned organizations, and CSR programs in healthcare, education, human rights, arts and culture, community service, and social services. Connect with donors, stakeholders and employees, market your organization, and tell your story on the web and in print. Document your work over short or long time frames.

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Branding portrait of a woman against a light-colored wall
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Professional headshots and executive and group portraits for websites and social media. The basic photo you need for your professional online presence. Look approachable, affable, look like and be the person people want to do business with. Headshots for individuals or entire companies, conveniently in your location.

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A financial advisor and his client in a field photographed for a financial services firm.
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Corporate communications photographer producing eye-catching images for annual reports, shareholder communications, press releases, internal newsletters, and social media and web content. Executive and group portraits, professional headshots, and image libraries for websites and social media.

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Branding photo of an Asian man in a colorful office environment
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Personal and business branding photo sessions. Whatever your business, journalistic-style photography will tell your story, and will show you and your work as it really is, helping you to attract your people. Of course you need a headshot, but you also want people to see you at work, how you do what you do, your products or services. In short, you need to show your story.

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A couple an a young girl dance at a gala for the New York Pops.
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Complete New York area event photography for businesses and nonprofits, providing coverage to engage current and past attendees, attract future attendees, and provide press and social media content.

Photography for

  • Galas
  • Award presentations
  • Benefit auctions
  • Conferences
  • Round-table and panel discussions
  • Community service events
  • Golf tournaments

Need additional photographers, video coverage, or printing on site? We do that.

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Great Dane and veterinary technician wearing dark glasses during laser treatment
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Photo content libraries for blogs, websites, and newsletters and for social media channels including Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. You need visual content, you need lots of it, and you need it at your fingertips. A day of photography can yield a month or more of daily content.

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Do you have a project or idea that you could use my help on? Send me a note and let’s chat.

ed Lefkowicz photography

New York City-based commercial, corporate, editorial, and nonprofit photographer producing strong and effective images for businesses and cause-aligned organizations to use in corporate communications, marketing, and advertising for print and the web. Working throughout the tri-state area.

Portrait of photographer Ed Lefkowicz holding a camera


Bronze sculpture of a fireman carrying a child on front of a 19th-century fire engine Inside the New York City Fire Museum

Like museums? Think you know museums? There’s a lot more to know about New York City’s Museums than most guidebooks tell you about.

Artists & Fleas, a multi-vendor marketplace in Brooklyn's Williamsbur neighborhood.

Brooklyn!The Brooklyn of the imagination, of the creative, of the weird, the quirky.

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