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Winter 2022 Headshot Promo

Four headshots

Is your headshot more than 2 years old?

Are you using your yearbook photo for a headshot?

Does your headshot include someone else?

(Or, just as bad, part of someone else)?

Portrait of a smiling woman sitting in a theater

I can fix any of those issues. I'm offering discounted professional headshots from February 22nd through April 8th, 2022.

I'll come to you, at your home or at your office:

  • you won't have to take time off from work getting to and from a studio
  • limited interruption of your work day
  • your clothes won't get rumpled, and you can easily change outfits if you'd like
  • you'll be in comfortable, familiar surroundings
  • I'll go anywhere in New York City and Westchester
Portrait of a smiling man

First impressions are important, and your headshot is often the first visual impression a prospective customer or employer has of you. So it's worth making it as positive as possible.

Who do we want to work with? Someone approachable and relatable. We want our potential customers to think “I'd feel comfortable having a conversation with this person.” A good professional headshot might give you that edge.

I'll show you the way you want to be shown, whether you're in business, an artist, a writer, or performer.

Since the start of the pandemic, we've all gotten more casual—your headshot should reflect this reality.

How does it work? I come to you. I'll need space to work—an office conference room or a living room at home will work. It will take me about 45 minutes to set up lights and a background—you'll be free to work while I'm setting up. Figure 45 minutes to photograph you, and 30 minutes for me to pack up.

I'll be working tethered to a computer, so you can see results as the shoot progresses, saving you time.

  • You'll get proofs for your approval within 3 working days of the end of the shoot

  • You'll get three clean final images, each formatted for your website, for LinkedIn, and for social media, within 5 working days of my receipt of your choices

  • Additional finals from the same session are available at a modest additional charge

Portrait of a smiling woman

What's the fee?

$350 for the first person. (My normal fee for headshots on location is $450).

If you know someone else who wants a headshot at the same time and place, it will be $180 for each additional person. Split the fee, and that's $265 each for two!

More than 3 people?

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