Photography for startups. Part 2 of 3

Photography for Social ProofIn the first post in this series, I looked at photography to help establish and promote branding for your customers and potential customers. Now let’s look at photography for social proof for potential investors.Social proof is the influence others have on us. It includes positive reviews, social media likes, followers, comments, reposts, […]

Photography for startups. Part 1 of 3

Branding Starting or growing a business? Marketing strategist Daniel DiGriz at Madpipe suggests that your photography should have three purposes. Wait a minute! Was that “three purposes?” Not “three types of photos?” Yes, purposes: a startup has three goals that its images and other marketing efforts must meet. If your images aren’t doing anything, if […]

Zoltar said we should move our website

So we’ve moved and updated our website. Again. The web being what it is—in flux continually—we’ve made some updates and improvements. First, to the platform. We’re now on a WordPress platform, which gives us the option to include a lot more text. I know, I know, this is a photography website, and it’s all about […]

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