The story behind an image

I thought I’d share the story behind “A Baker and his Oven,” the image I chose in my print giveaway for my fine art print site. The story is interesting in itself, but it’s also helpful in understanding how photographers—at least this photographer—approaches photography and is helpful to anyone looking at photography and thinking about […]

Headshot and executive portrait mistakes you don’t want to make

Everybody needs headshots, and most people hate to have them taken, myself included. (Really!) You need a headshot—or a few—for your company website, for social media, and for promotional distribution. To do it right is easier than you might think, but I see frequent problems that need to be avoided. I’ll break them out, from […]

2013 in review

I don’t often look back in review—too busy looking ahead, I think—but I’ve got a few minutes, and this seems like a good opportunity to do it. Last year’s shoots were for a wide a range of clients and markets, and included corporate, advertising, catalog, editorial, performance, and non-profit. The NY Times joined my client […]

Portraits of young cancer patients for Flashes of Hope

Once again I was privileged to photograph some portraits of young cancer patients and their families for Flashes of Hope, a non-profit that provides free portraits for cancer patients and their families. I like portraits, I like kids, so it was a great match. There were four of us photographers, all ASMP members, working at […]

A portrait demo in 10 minutes: Is it the camera that makes the photograph?

First, I put the camera on full automatic and took a photo. (First time I’ve ever used full auto, and I can’t think why I’d ever use it except for another similar demo.) I got a photo, and it pretty much dispelled the notion that it’s the camera that makes the picture.To take it a […]

Location portraits when you can’t control the light

Location portraits are a specialty of mine, but as I was covering the Architectural Digest Home Show recently, I came across a frequent problem: how to deal with making interesting portraits in places where you can’t control the light, you don’t have the time or ability to bring in light, and the available light pretty […]

Author Portraits on location in New York

I like making author portraits. I read a lot. I write some. I like spending time with smart people, and if they’re wide-ranging Renaissance types, so much the better. So when I recently had the opportunity to make some publicity and personal photos for two author friends who have that Renaissance scope about them, I […]

The professional headshot conundrum

A couple of recent incidents: I was called in to a local real estate brokerage a year or so ago. They were revamping their web marketing, and asked me to present some options for updated headshots, with examples. They were all impressed with the shots and the presentation. They did nothing about it then, and […]

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