One of my favorite things to do in New York is to stop by Fashion Week to see what the attendees and passers-by are wearing. Today, fueled by an article in Overflow Magazine by Brooklyn blogger Erica Reitman, in which she takes inhabitants of Park Slope to task for dressing like slobs, I was particularly eager to see what the photographers were wearing. (OK, I occasionally like to photograph photographers, turning the tables, as it were. Good for humility.)

Another impetus was a wedding I attended a couple of years ago for which the photogs (there were 3 of them, but that’s another story) wore black chinos and back tee shirts sporting a photo-Ninja look that seemed to me at odds with the gowns and tuxedos their subjects were wearing.


Since Fashion Week moved from Bryant Park to Lincoln Center, there is on the one hand less buzz in the surroundings (you can’t, for example, hear the thumping of the music outside the venue) but more surrounding room for attendees, photographers, and general passers-by to hang out. And they all do.

So before I get to the subject at hand, here are come obligatory FW shots:

Dressed for Valentine’s Day

Jewelry designer Crystal Streets

The fuzziest outfit I saw

George Schramm—model, actor, collector of Indian jewelry, wearing the second furriest outfit I saw today

Photographers at work

Photographer posing

The best-dressed female photographer there today

The best-dressed male photographer there today, Karl-Edwin Guerre of

More photos of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, including, yes, some models.

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