One of the reasons I moved to New York is it’s cultural diversity. I know I’ve mentioned that previously, but here’s another example, another take. I grew up in a mixed neighborhood, and was taught by my parents to be respectful of everybody. This attitude led to some memorable culinary and cultural excursions over the years. So to further my cultural exposure, I went to shoot the 2011 Pride Parade, celebrating the LGBT community, in Manhattan.


As an old friend from New England recently pointed out to me, “You guys definitely don’t live in Kansas any more!” (She meant Kansas figuratively, not literally. I’ve never actually lived in Kansas, although I have been there. I formerly lived in New England, in Massachusetts and most recently Rhode Island. Which, in some respects, are not unlike Kansas.)


I like public spectacles, and few public spectacles are as spectacular as the Pride Parade. (Bristol, RI, has its 4th of July Parade, which is about as red-white-and-blue spectacular as you can get, but it pales in comparison.)

Since the parade came less than 2 days after New York legalized gay marriage, the parade was more celebratory than it otherwise would have been, and Governor Cuomo was roundly cheered for his work in pushing the bill through and into law.

A few highlights here, and lots more photos of the 2011 Pride Parade in New York here.




Technical note: No need to read further if you have no interest in technical info. All images taken with a Canon 5D, Canon 24-70mm f/2.8 L lens. The middle of the day is a horrible time to shoot: sun overhead, high contrast, deep shadows; and sometimes cloud cover, and flat light. Many images with a little fill flash from a Canon 580EXII to save the day. (For those friends-of-Strobist, I had planned to hold the flash off-camera, but my ETTL cord went south at the start, so I actually put the flash on the camera. Always have a plan B.)

More photos of the 2011 Pride Parade in New York here.

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