Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy Holidays …

Whatever holiday you celebrate, and whether you celebrate traditionally or non-, I hope it’s terrific for you and yours. And if your days be merry and bright it will be that much easier to take pictures. Disclaimer: no suggestion regarding the writer’s preference for one over any of the others should be inferred by the […]

2013 in review

I don’t often look back in review—too busy looking ahead, I think—but I’ve got a few minutes, and this seems like a good opportunity to do it. Last year’s shoots were for a wide a range of clients and markets, and included corporate, advertising, catalog, editorial, performance, and non-profit. The NY Times joined my client […]

A restaurant shoot for a newspaper review: Part 2, The Gear

Given the low light I so often find myself in, I sometimes think what I do is more “skotography” than “photography.” (“Photography” comes from the Greek “phos”, or light, and “graphi”, or drawing, so “drawing with light.” “Skotography” comes from the Greek “skotos,” or darkness. And, yes, I just made up “skotography.”) In my previous […]

A restaurant shoot for a newspaper review: Part 1, Planning

I was asked to shoot a new restaurant for the local paper, and thought the experience would offer some insight both for photographers new to the restaurant photography scene and photo editors as well. (OK, the first sentence was a bit disingenuous, because my local paper is the NY Times, and the restaurant was the […]

Come Hungry – Part 2

At this point some of the tour group started to flag. (There were a number of attendees from undisclosed suburban locations, possibly unused to city walking. Or maybe it was the eating that tired them. Hard to tell.) We were, it seemed, about half way through our culinary adventure. Some Vietnamese summer rolls from Saigon […]

Come Hungry – Part 1

This post falls more in the “meaning of life” category than photography, but there you are. I’d been hoping to take part in Calvin Trillin’s Come Hungry tour—part of the New Yorker Festival—for years; but until this year, when we moved to New York, it had always presented logistical difficulties. This year, my wife was […]

Valentine’s Day at Fashion Week 2011

One of my favorite things to do in New York is to stop by Fashion Week to see what the attendees and passers-by are wearing. Today, fueled by an article in Overflow Magazine by Brooklyn blogger Erica Reitman, in which she takes inhabitants of Park Slope to task for dressing like slobs, I was particularly […]

Walking-around cameras

I’m a photographer by vocation and avocation, and if I don’t have a camera with with I feel like I’ve left home without my driver’s license: not just vulnerable but somehow under-dressed and unprepared. I mentioned in an earlier post that my all-time favorite walking-around camera was a Leica M-6 with a 35mm Summicron. Unobtrusive, […]

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