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Photography for startups. Part 3 of 3

Two women work on designs for shoes

Photography to attract additional investment and talent

In the previous posts (Part 1 and Part 2) I discussed photography for branding and for social proof. I’ll now move on to expansion.

If your business is in expansion mode, you’ll likely need some outside funding and additional employees. Attracting the right funding and the right employees isn’t easy, but photography can help.

As with branding, potential investors and employees want to see what your company is all about: What’s the quality of your product or service? What are your values? What’s it like to work there? What’s the company’s attitude towards women, minorities, its customers, and the community at large? There’s a reason “Best Companies to Work For” lists are popular reads—they reveal a lot about the people behind and within a company. Smart management understands that quality products and services bring customers back for more, that employees are a critical asset, that positive customer relations induce customers to spread the word.  

Photography can help tell powerful stories about your company, stories beyond how your product or service looks, stories that can attract new, dedicated employees, and new funding. 

So first things first—plan your marketing and photography around the three goals from the start. Think about how you want to present your brand, how you want to build and show social proof, how you want to attract funding and new employees. Photography is a powerful storytelling tool, and it’s more powerful when you’re clear about the story you’re telling. 

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