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Does the world need another photographer’s blog?

It just might. Here’s why, by way of two stories. (I like stories.)

1: I took a lighting workshop at the Maine Media Workshops a few years ago, with Atlanta photographer Chris Stanford. There were 10 of us, as I recall, in the class. Much of the time we were working with the same models (first using each other as models because, hey, photographers work cheap), same locations, same lights. At the end of the day, when we compared images, it was clear that no two of us saw anything in the same way.

2: I took a portrait workshop at the ICP, with Janusz Kawa, again with 10 or so participants. One assignment was to make portraits of each other. We printed them up, and had two evaluation sessions: the first showing each photographer’s work in a collection. The second showing each subject in a collection. Guess what? Same subject, 10 very different portraits.

So here we go!