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Visual notes from the road: Toronto

It’s been more than a while since my last post: I plead busy-ness: we’ve sold our house, packed up our stuff, and have been on the road. We’re currently in Toronto (yes, the Canadian one) and I thought this would be a good opportunity to review some notes.

I love to travel, and even when I’m not working away from home, I have a camera with me. (One day I may even get a point-and-shoot, and save some wear and tear on my shoulders). I shoot some stock, but mostly I use the camera to take visual notes. As in my work, I’m fascinated by people—how they look, how the relate to each other (or, often using the iPod defense, how they don’t relate to each other), how they use public and private spaces, how they’ve created and modified spaces.

So herewith some visual notes.

Customer avoidance at St Lawrence Market

Customer avoidance: the iPod defence.

Brookfield Plaza

Brookfield Plaza.

More photos of Torontonians here.