Powerful images that attract, hook and engage will bring readers and viewers to your publication and turn them into regular readers and subscribers.

You need and depend on photographers to create powerful profile portraits and long-form narrative sequences for your audience, often of busy, difficult or reluctant subjects. And you need to work within budgetary, deadline and other constraints.

I’ve worked with all socio-economic strata and all educational levels and can move with cross-cultural ease to produce layered images that attract attention to your stories. Experienced in business, technology, science, medicine, law, literature, travel, music, performance, food, and hospitality. Published worldwide.

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  • Heather Heuser at Xixa
    Xixa, mexican restaurant in w-burg
  • New York City's Easter Bonnet Parade and Festival, 2016
  • A bicycle parked in Washington Mews, near Washington Square.
  • Newe Finnish Design City booth of the Wanted Design show in New York.
  • New York
  • Anton Nocito, of P & H Soda,with tattoos of a pig and an artichoke.
  • A colorful bicycle outside of L'Occitane, a shop in ShoHo's Prince Street.
  • Chef Richard Kuo of Pearl & Ash.
    Chef Richard Kuo of Pearl & Ash.
  • The Pomeroy
  • A Caribbean performer in the 2011 Pride Parade on New York's Fifth Avenue.

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