To keep in front of their audiences frequently and powerfully, marketing directors and digital content providers know that social media requires a continuous stream of content. Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, blogs and other channels demand a steady supply of images to engage customers both current and potential. Intersperse your smartphone photos with professionally produced images and make an indelible impression.

No matter what sector you’re in—food, beverage, hospitality, lifestyle, technology, legal, healthcare, fashion—planning, creating, filling and replenishing an image library to fit your social media content calendar is key. You don’t want to panic or worry about finding a photo for tomorrow or the next day.

To lift the worry off your shoulders, I’ll help you plan and execute with your audience and your platforms in mind.

Do you have a social media project that you need photos for?
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  • Cocktail Crate Ginger mixer
  • Mallet and chisels
  • Semilla
  • Strawberry and blackberry galette by Sue Park
  • Blue and black pumps on location in SoHo for Tiannia Barnes.
  • Cocktail Crate Ginger mixer
  • Roasted beet and fig salad, by Rebecca and Tom Woodram, or Kitchensurfing.
  • Pickled vegetables, for Kitchensurfing
  • macarons, for Trellis Fine Florals.
  • Gift boxes, for Trellis Fine Florals.

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