Producing a photograph or series of photographs is complicated. The good news is you don’t have to do it because I do it. And the problems that come up in production—shooting in a drab office, in a dark and cramped wine cellar, on a stage with dramatically variable lighting—are my problems, not yours.


I focus on producing authentic, brand-centered photographs for business websites and print, to bring in more, and more frequent, customers while conserving time and money.

I provide images for Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, blog and other social channels.

Corporate communications involves more and more publishing for both internal and external audiences. You’re producing annual reports, shareholder letters, press releases, internal newsletters and social media content.

Powerful images that attract, hook and engage will bring readers and viewers to your publication and turn them into regular readers and subscribers.

A native speaker of Nahuatl, an indigenous language of Mexico, shot for the Endangered Language Alliance. On the table beside him is a traditional molcajete, or mortar.

Photography for non-profits and cause-oriented organizations in healthcare, education, human rights, arts and culture, community service, and social services

A successful bidder at a benefit auction for the New York Pops.

Complete New York area event photo coverage to engage current and past attendees, attract future attendees, and provide press and social media content.

  • Pace Gallery at Frieze
    Pace Gallery at Frieze
  • Donald Trump and a woman at Frieze
    Donald Trump and a woman...
  • Frieze Art Fair Gallerist
    Frieze Art Fair Gallerist
  • Woman at Gagosian
    Woman at Gagosian
  • Flashes of Hope
    A mother and her son...
  • Business_skills_Olympics
    Purchase, NY – 31 October...
  • Chip Smith, chef at The Simone, taking my picture as I'm taking his for the NY Times.
    New York, NY - 27...
  • Chef Ignacio Mattos in his reataurant Estela, on East Houston Street.
  • Furniture restorer outside his workshop
  • A naturopathic physician and her pediatric patient.
  • Shoe designer Tiannia Barnes at work.
  • Siuede boots by Tiannia Barnes.
  • Godiva chocolates for Trellis Fine Florals.
  • Back River Gin at Sweetgrass Winery, Union, Maine.
  • EJL_070814_MG_5999-master-Edit

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