Do it yourself, or call a pro?

Lipsticks for Vendome de Paris

One of the most used, if least sexy, styles of photography is shooting products on a white background. If you’re selling products on the web or in print catalogs, selling on Amazon, or sending out press releases, you’ll likely need photos of product on white.

It seems simple, like the kind of thing you could do yourself, and maybe you can.

Here’s a brief outline of the process:


    • Light the background, and set the background lighting to overexpose the white background by 1/3-2/3 stops. (If you overexpose the background by more than a stop, you risk losing definition at the edges of your product by light fog.)
    • Light the product to show it in the most favorable way, to reduce unwanted reflections, and so all the colors reproduce accurately.



    • Ensure the white background is at RGB 255, 255, 255, that is, pure white
    • Correct the exposure
    • Correct the colors


    Each step is critical to the outcome, and if you’re not familiar with the requirements of each step, and with how to use an industry-standard color checker, you should probably call in a pro.

    Here’s a behind-the-scenes example of a fairly low-budget shoot of some cosmetics:

    And if you’re looking for product photography, I’m happy to provide an estimate.

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