Event photos aren’t just nice to have—they can be a powerful marketing tool for business and non-profits, so it pays to get effective photography. While gala and conference attendees like to see step-and-repeat photos of themselves at events, the real power comes from more candid photos of important speakers and honorees, attendees engaged with each other, or being attentive to speakers.

There was a time when event photography meant sticking a flash on a camera and taking photos of people grinning at the camera. (The standard for a good event photograph used to be “eyes open and in focus.” Really.) That time has passed.

Non-profits and businesses alike know they need to engage with their audiences, and authentic photography can help them do just that.

Whatever the size and nature of your event, whether you need just a single photographer or two or more still photographers and video coverage, a conversation will probably be worth it.

I’d be happy to discuss options and pricing for photography for

  • Galas
  • Award presentations
  • Benefit auctions
  • Golf tournaments
  • Conferences
  • Round-table and panel discussions
  • Picnics and outings

Do you need effective photo coverage

for an upcoming event?


  • Lifestyle woman.
  • Shoe designer Tiannia Barnes in SoHo.
  • Shoe designer Tiannia Barnes at work.
  • A naturopathic physician and her pediatric patient.
  • Main-in-red-plaid
  • Macarons for Trellis Fine Clorals.
  • Lipsticks for Vendome de Paris
  • Lip balm for Vendome de Paris
  • For GoLocker.
  • Gin and tonic for Q Drinks.

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