Photographer? Yes, but problem-solver, too. How so?

Most photographers in the commercial, advertising, corporate, non-profit, editorial and entertainment sectors are made to solve problems. Problems like “How can I get someone to try my product or service?” Like “How can I get employees to have a stake in our company’s culture?” Like “How can I get more donors to donate to our non-profit, and how can I get current donors to donate more?” Like “How can we show this financial advisor to be the dynamic and effective advisor she is?” Like “How can we get more people to pack this singer’s next five shows?

That’s where I come in. We sit down, talk about the goals for the photos, and we plan what they should look like. Once that’s clear, we’ll work on producing them. Producing them? Well, yes, producing—aiming a camera and clicking a shutter isn’t rocket science. Producing a photograph or series of photographs is complicated. The good news is you don’t have to do it because I do it. And the problems that come up in production—shooting in a drab office, in a dark and cramped wine cellar, on a stage with dramatically variable lighting—are my problems, not yours.

Try me for photography for:

Website Content
Social Media Campaigns
Corporate Communications
Executive Portraits
Compelling Headshots
CD and DVD Packaging
Editorial Marketing
Events—Corporate and Non-Profit
Catalogs and Look Books
Annual Reports

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